We’ve Always Been Here

A Gender Variance Who’s Who
A comprehensive index devoted to trans history and biography. Well over 1400 persons worthy of note, both famous and obscure, are discussed.

Famous GLTB People
A thorough index of LGBTQ folks found throughout history.

The Most Awesome LGBTQ Women In History
These women lead incredible lives and changed the world despite what the world expected of them.

16 Queer Black Pioneers Who Made History
Black LGBTQ Americans have long made history with innumerable contributions to politics, art, medicine and a host of other fields.

6 Queer Historical Figures You Thought Were Straight
Prominent queer historical figures whose sexuality had been swept under the rug in history classes at school.

The Crusade Of Transgender Activist Sylvia Rivera
A brief biography of civil rights pioneer Sylvia Rivera. She was a driving force in the mainstream gay liberation movement of the 1960s.

Here’s the Badass Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Activist Herstory Quiz You Wish You Had in School
See what you already know and learn more about what you don’t by taking this quiz!

Our History Ties Us Together

LGBTQ History
GLSEN provides a ton of resources so you can learn about LGBTQ+ History! Perfect for students and educators.

LGBTQIA+ Studies: A Resource Guide – 1969: The Stonewall Uprising
This guide offers an introduction to the LGBTQIA+ collections of the Library of Congress, which collects at the research level in the area of LGBTQIA+ studies. Library holdings are particularly strong in LGBTQIA+ politics, history, literature and the performing arts. This guide is organized by subject, format, and time period.

The Forgotten Trans History of the Wild West
It was a frontier in more ways than one. People who did not conform to traditional gender norms were a large part of daily life in the Old West.

HIV & AIDS History
This site reflects the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from the first reported cases in 1981 to the present—where advances in HIV prevention, care, and treatment offer hope for a long, healthy life to people who are living with, or at risk for, HIV and AIDS.

The Homophobic Hysteria of the Lavender Scare
Despite a thriving queer community in Washington, the 1950s State Department fired gay and lesbian workers en masse.

How This Researcher Is Preserving Trans History Around the World
An interview with the founder of the Digital Transgender Archive, a queer-led archival project filled with an incredible collection of trans materials from across the world.

A Fuller Picture

White Gay Privilege Exists All Year, But It is Particularly Hurtful During Pride
Although we share the same oppressors, white queer folks must come to terms with the fact that they play a role in the harm experienced by their Black and Brown siblings.

The Intersectionality of the Pride and Black Lives Matter Movements
“We have to show up for the black members of our LGBTQ community, and for the black community at large.”

What is Intersectionality? (And Why Should You Care?)
A dive into what intersectionality is, why it is important, and why you should incorporate it into your personal philosophy.

Representation in Media

Diversity in Media: Queer Representation
An exploration of how a heteronormative media constructs, represents, and comments on the legitimacy of Queer and transgender identities. We also explore the differences and overlaps between mainstream media and their queer counterparts.

30 LGBT+ Shows That Changed Everything for Queer Representation on TV
These shows did more than just move the dial forward when it comes to queer representation in Hollywood. They broke down the doors and created opportunities for change on-screen and off.

259 LGBTQ Characters in Cartoons That Bust the Myth That Kids Can’t Handle Inclusion
Insider produced a database to track the historical presence of LGBTQ and gender-minority characters in animated children’s television.

How Legend of Korra’s Queer Ending Changed Cartoons Forever
The Nickelodeon cartoon’s legendary finale sealed the romance between Korra and Asami. Check out this interview with queer animators about the doors that opened for LGBTQ+ representation after that moment.

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